Command Block Griefer Protection?

I am trying to protect player builds in Vanilla minecraft.

I found this command block command: /effect @a[r=60,m=0] 4 3 5

(this does not seem to work either)

But I need it to block everyone, but the owner of the building.

I tried /effect @a[r=60,m=0] [name=!playername] 4 3 5

Where playername is the owner of the building, but it does not work.

I was using this page as a guide.

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[Request] Falling Sand Spawner help

Falling sand spawners are no longer working, is this a bug or is there a special way of getting it to work seeing how all the block datas are now words. I've tried converting a old entity into a spawner and a new entity into a spawn neither seem to be working properly anymore. Any suggestions?

/setblock ~ ~ ~ Minecraft:mob_spawner 0 replace {EntityId:FallingSand,SpawnData:{Time:1}}

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[Vanilla] Custom Mob/Item Map Making Kit (Seeking Suggestions)

TL;DR, A community collaboration to make adventure maps simpler for the average map maker, Including custom loot, mobs, shops, and dungeons. Excluding extensive redstone

Creating a mega Adventure Map making kit usable with in MCEdit. This kit will include, Custom Mobs, Bosses, Spawners, Items, Potions, Food, Shops, Structures, Friendly Mobs, Modular Dungeons pieces, Traps and so much more! This kit will be put together from the thoughts, ideas, and creations of the community. But only with the permission of the creator.

Maps like the Super Hostile Series, Hypixel's adventure maps, Or any of Amlup's maps will NOT be gutted to put this together. If permission and schematic is given from the map maker, Then Credit will be given rightfully.

As Of now I've Already Created the Fallowing Custom Mobs based of Dungeons and Dragons' Monster Manual, Fairy Tales, and Common Folk Lore.

Kobold, Banshee, Ghost, Cyclops, Orc, Leprechaun, Orge, Yeti, Alien, Demon, Death, Reaper, Chest Mimic, Dispenser Mimic, Bookshelf Mimic, Furnace Mimic, Anvil Mimic, Enchanting Table Mimic, Gremlin, Wizard, Will-o' The Wisp, Stone Golem, Ice Golem, Tree Golem, Thunder Golem, Flying Imp, Knight, White Mage, Black Mage, Goblin, Floating Head, Floating Eye, Summoned Sword, Herobrine, Tribe Member, Hobgoblin, Drunk, Scamp, "Cactmob" (Cactus Mob), Mush Man (Mushroom Mob)

I've Also created 40 unique Weapons with unique attack powers and speed buffs/debuffs, and 12 full armor sets, all of these directly from D&D's Player Handbook. Mostly just swords, but Turning Hoes into Scyths and Wooden Swords into Daggers, Shovels into Clubs, etc.

What does this Map Makers Kit need from you?

Well that's easy, Suggestions! Anything will do too. Got a photo of a monster you drew and wanna bring it to life? Post it and as a community we can come up with a creative way to bring it to life! Got a monster you thought was unique from another game? Tell us about it. Maybe a Reference you think would be funny but not game breaking? How about we hear it.

*If you are interested in submitting your own Schematic You may wish to read the Fallowing.

What are the mob guide lines?

Only 1, It must be able to work as a stand alone entity, no out side redstone. Spawner minecarts are ok!

What are the Loot, Items, and Potion guide lines?

Every item must fallow the laws of equivalent exchange. If the item is a diamond sword with sharpness 3, the player may have less max health, or speed decreased. Although weapons that only do 3-4 damage max may give speed for lack of power. Or a Wand of Piercing Fire (Sharpness: 1, Flame: 1) May remove your max health by 2.

What is considered game breaking?

A mob with Diamond armor and only 1 health is a good place to start with this question. Their ability to fight must be directly equal to the power of their loot.

What is the Shops Currency?

Right now I'm using a Gold Nugget Renamed to "Gold Coin" In Gold Coloring, but Emeralds will work just fine as well Map makers can change that as they see fit.

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