http://i.imgur.com/aG7IjtU.png this is my recent menu design for a starting commandblock project! if the player scrolls the selected slot changes and he get teleported so hes looking into another direction so the green entity will be "options" in this case! how could i let the player enter/agree the menupoint? like pressing q to grop an item??? i want another methoooood!!!!!

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Minecraft make projects fly straight

Hi there. Currently I am working on a project in which I try to simulate a sniper rifle in Minecraft. My approach works with a pumpkin: the player has a texture pack showing him a sniper while holding a Pumpkin. Now the player right clicks and puts the pumpkin on this way. At this moment, the player gets a slowing potion. Thus, a Zoom is simulated. At the same moment, the player gets a bow in the same slot. My problem now is that the arrow doesnt fly like the bullet of a sniper rifle flies. I already got the idea to summon a rocket which owns the tag "Motion" but that would be bad: That would need more than 64800 Command Blocks for every direction. Is there another way to let bullets fly straight?

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